Saturday, August 13, 2005

sneaks at southland

I'm currently about halfway through adapting Southland Tales: Two Roads Diverge. I intend to post snippits of art starting soon. Don't worry, i wont spoil anything for anyone (not that i think i COULD really :). Panels will be posted without context. In the end, it might confuse people more than give anything away. ;) I'll let you guys come to your own conclusions about what you're looking at.

and since i get questions about my artistic process, i'll be posting looks at the steps i use from beginning to end on various pieces.
i'm currently designing a poster for a Portland film festival and that probably will be the first "how-to."


Blogger Gunji said...

FIRST! Hehe. Brett, great idea to start up a blog! I've posted the URL over at so more people will be coming over here soon. Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading and seeing all about the work you are doing for Southland Tales. Is the poster you are talking about the ST flag collage featured on the cover of the first graphic novel? I'd love to see a big version of that one. Sure had some crazy discussions about what's on there :)

On a side note: I saw you are a NIN fan, do you know by any chance whether or not Trent worked on the music for ST? Thanks. Also, did you know 'Only' can be downloaded legally for remixing in Ableton?

Sorry to drift off, SOUTHLAND TALES is amazing! See you around.

4:08 AM  
Blogger brett weldele said...

The poster i'm working on is non RK related, and i had nothing to do with the graphic novel covers.

I have no inside info about the film's music. It'd be interesting to see Trent write a film score for a film.I liked the work he did on Doom. Ex-NIN guys like Charlie Clouser and Chris Vrenna have done done amazing work in that area.

Too bad ONLY is only available unmixed in the protools version. If i have some time, i might torture it a bit ;) and possibly post a remix here on my blog.

10:53 AM  
Blogger olly said...

Hello Brett, that's a real nice surprise to see you've got a blog. I can tell you many friends from including me, will be avid readers.
So you're into music as well seeing your website, that's excellent.
I'm sure your work on ST will be amazing, we're all highly anticipating the whole phenomenon, and it's been like a year already! Now everything is set in motion, and we're all very excited about it. Let me tell you it's really cool to see you're a down-to-earth person like this :)

11:40 AM  

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