Thursday, August 18, 2005

wow! I like Painter 9

I don't update my art software very often. What i do in Photoshop hasn't changed any really since version 5 and Illustrator is not much different. From my perspective they just add more crap i don't need or want. I originally picked up Painter 7 on a closeout from Corel a couple years back for practically nothing. I needed something to replace what i'd been doing by hand (which was costing me a fortune in printouts). Painter filled the need nicely.

So we're up to version 9 and i usually roll my eyes a bit, but i read some interesting things about it...namely the "artists oils" brush system and the mixing pallete was interesting too. So i downloaded it to try it out...WOW!



Blogger Ray Dillon said...

Ah, nice, man. I've been trying to get into Painter for a while now. I can tell that it has great potential, and people get great results from it, but I'm so stuck on Photoshop now for paiting and whatnot. Having trouble getting used to the new format.

Eventually... ;o)

11:17 PM  

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