Monday, August 22, 2005

its monday already?

I took a good chunk of saturday off. That was nice, but sunday was full tilt. I got the rest of Silent Ghost #1 down in red pencil, and got the final pencil work done this afternoon. Over the next couple weeks in between everything else I should have it painted and turned in. Its interesting looking back on the issue and realize how loose i went with the drawing and how sped up the process was. I knew when i took the job that that was the only way it was going to work. I almost had to quit when I accepted Southland Tales because i didn't think i'd have enough time for both...and i really don't. Southland ending up working out in such a way that i COULD do both, but its a lot of work.

The more pages I paint, I learn more on what to leave out in the drawing stage. The assembly line comics style (someone pencils, someone else inks, then someone else colors etc.) blueprints the next stage. One person has to communicate what goes into the next stage and so on. Since i'm doing my own shorthand, i can leave the things that would look better as a color effect for that stage. its kinda liberating.


Blogger Gunji said...

From your posts, it sounds like you really get a lot of creative freedom with regards to ST. I guess that's both a blessing and a big responsibility (not to mention a huge vote of confidence from Richard). With most of the cast just announced (what a crazy group!) I was wondering how the character designs were working out.

Did you and the illustrators (I'm assuming there are more?) for the other novels work closely with Richard or get photoshoots or something? Or do the novels take place so long before the movie that it's not really a concern? Or is every illustrator coming up with his/her own unique style so it's totally different every time. That would also be cool I think. Anyway, I'm just curious, so I thought I'd ask some things on behalf of everyone without a Blogger account :)

Keep up the good work!

7:56 AM  
Blogger brett weldele said...

wow, that's quite a few questions...i'll address them in thier own post when i get a couple minutes.

2:38 PM  

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