Thursday, September 01, 2005

questions answered

Gunji asked a few interesting questions in a previous post...

Q:Did you and the illustrators (I'm assuming there are more?) for the other novels work closely with Richard or get photoshoots or something?

A: No photoshoots. Richard went over what he was looking for early on. i'm drawing the actors in spirit, as doing exact likenesses brings in other people to approve and disapprove. We're keeping it simple. You could say i'm drawing the characters who resemble certain actors.

Q:Or do the novels take place so long before the movie that it's not really a concern?

A:i don't think that's really a concern, no, but the project has revealed certain situations. Despite all the freedom i have in interpreting Richards script, it also has to fit in the big picture. Its his vision, and i have to stay true to that. Having said that i get to put in little bits of myself in it too. Its sort of organic. Things change in the screenplay affecting what i do or have done in the comic. its not a perfect process. Concepts change, props change, actors change. You just have to roll with punches and forge ahead.

Q:Or is every illustrator coming up with his/her own unique style so it's totally different every time?

A: I honestly don't know.

If anyone has questions about anything really and they don't have a blogger account to post them, they can certainly email them to me and i'll answer them here as best i can.


Blogger Gunji said...

Thanks :) This really gives a clearer picture of how the whole process is going. Very insightful :)

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