Thursday, October 20, 2005

flu's gone. back to work.

i was completely wiped out for a few days thanks to some virus making the rounds. now i'm back and slightly more behind than usual. i'm working through the last stages of Southland Tales book one. i've been going through tweaking alot of images to be more inline with the film. i drew a chunk of this book before filming started (and there's a good reason not to). i sort of realized this project might not work with the typical comic book assembly line. i can go back into the files at anytime and fix what needs fixing in no time. and my style's sketchy enough that changes dont really register.

oh, and THE SURROGATES #2 finally came out. go buy it. it printed amazingly.


Blogger Ray Dillon said...

Good to hear, man. I'm paranoid as heck that I'm going to get sick soon. I usually do at the start of winter. And with all my deadlines, that might just be the end of me. ;o)

The Surrogates? I think I've seen that. I'll look around.

11:24 PM  

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