Sunday, October 02, 2005

computer scare

i woke up saturday morning only to have my computer sound the death rattle, or something that sounded like it anyway. it started making horrible clicking noises so i shut it down immediately. when trying to boot it, mr powerbook did the same thing and it wouldn't boot on top of it.

i felt ill.

the computer's barely a year and half old and i had a bunch of stuff i hadn't backed up on my Lacie. i should know better. I did however grab a couple maintenance programs last year. So i threw in Techtool Pro and it fixed everything. Techtool Pro, you rule.


Blogger Ray Dillon said...

Yeah, last year, my PowerMac's hard-drive crashed and I lost a TON of stuff. So, for the next few months, I was up night and day re-illustrating it. That really, really, really sucked.

I back everything up like a madman now on my LaCie, jumpdrive, CD, and laptop.

Doesn't stop the problems, though.

With all that backing up, recently, I was backing up a folder from my laptop to my desktop and LaCie. Without realizing it, I was dropping an old folder on top of the new stuff. Lost a bunch of art. :(

At least that wasn't a deadline crucher, though. But, it was on a personal project. I'm trying to get over it so I can start again.

Glad you were able to get everything back (boo-hoo for me. ;o)

Oh, and you should turn on the Word Verification so you don't get spammed. ;o)

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