Tuesday, September 06, 2005

"the rising" no more

i'm no longer going to use the title "The Rising" for my zombie graphic novel. When i named it awhile back, i had no knowledge of the Brian Keene novel. It seems its gaining popularity and just to avoid confusion and for my work to stand on its own i'm ditching the title. Its kind of a shame. the rising title worked two-fold. one, obviously for the living dead and two, for the main characters gain in celebrity.

Don't know exactly what i'm going to call it yet. i'm kicking around a few ideas. i'm tentatively putting it on the publishing schedule for oct 2006. i have to make a decision on that by years end if that's going to work. we'll see. It'll be manga sized like JULIUS was. i'll be posting the first few pages here soonish. to give you an idea of the books tone the tagline i came up with reads...



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