Saturday, September 03, 2005

ayyaz asks...

"I was curious about something. For Southland Tales you mention that you're working off screenplays... So Richard wrote screenplays instead of "comic scripts"(if there's such a thing)?. I guess more importantly, how are you used to working? What does the artist usually get, since i'm assuming it's not screenplays. Am I right to assume that the ST prequel comics were entirely scripted out as screenplays, and then left up to the artists to interpret as you mentioned before?"

Richard wrote the first book as a screenplay, i haven't seen any of the others yet so i don't know there. There are quite a few places online and in print to see what comic scripts look like. Screenplays are mostly alike in their presentation, but depending on how comics writers work it varies greatly. Some write page breakdowns with temp dialogue and then write final dialogue based on the art. some write very detailed scripts describing what every panel should be (in film terms, its like a screenplay and shot list all in one). The big difference between screenplay and comic script is the delineation of pacing. How much information is covered page to page. comics storytelling gets complicated fast and i could sit around all day talking about it. here, how about i show you. there was an article recently where the writer of a book of mine called Surrogates talks about process. it has script to final art analysis and commentary from the writer on the process. Rob is one of the more detail oriented writers, which provides less freedom but also makes my job its a tradeoff. the pages featured are mimed so its 100 percent visual storytelling. the hardest kind i think.

i've also been asked a couple times about where to find my books for purchase online. Amazon seems to have copies of COUSCOUS EXPRESS, JULIUS and SHOT CALLERZ available. SURROGATES is currently being released comic book style and is readily available through publisher Top Shelf's site(link is over on the right).
If you have a comic store nearby inquire there. All these books are in print and easily available.


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