Tuesday, September 13, 2005

ignatz nomination

cool. it looks as if my current mini-series THE SURROGATES has been nominated for the Ignatz award in "oustanding debut nominees" if you're not already reading it, here's some fine testimonials...

"Good science fiction is hard to come by, but Venditti's blend of technology, crime drama and social commentary makes for the most original sci-fi mythology in years. The Surrogates should satisfy your post-'Matrix' itch. Accept no substitutes!" -- Jake Rossen, Wizard

"I wouldn't be pushing the filmic correlation so strongly if I wasn't wholly convinced that this book is bound for the silver screen, and soon – I wouldn't even be surprised if it had already been optioned on the strength of the first issue alone." -- Gary Butler, Rue Morgue

"A classic sci-fi tale, in a similar vein to William Gibson or Harlan Ellison." -- Hilary Goldstein, IGN

"First-time comic writer Venditti flexes considerable storytelling muscle here, displaying a kind of storytelling confidence usually only seen in veterans like Moore and Gaiman. . The Surrogates #1 is a thoroughly impressive foray into the mainstream for Top Shelf, an engaging exercise both in idea-driven science fiction and confident storytelling." – Dave Howlett, Buzzscope

"This comic is a damn fine debut issue. . The Surrogates could easily be a blockbuster movie -- and one well worth seeing at that." -- Eliot Johnson, Broken Frontier.


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