Monday, October 10, 2005

lil comic con

i went to the biannual portland comic show over the weekend for the second time. Had a great time. Its mostly regional comic sellers getting rid of backstock, so its a great place to grab recent goodies at at least half off. as such, my reading pile has grown a bit. tasty.

the weird thing is always seeing my own work in the liquidation bins. poor unloved books, i hope you find a good home.


Blogger HiMayLu said...

I also attended the comic "convention" this weekend. I purchased a copy of TRUE PORN, an anthology, featuring various artists and their visual representations of their sexual experiences. An excellent find, and only $7.

As for your books and their new found home in liquidation boxes, think of it this way: now you can reach an audience who will only buy your book (this time) because it is on sale, and next time, they will gladly plunk down full price. Allow yourself to be discovered.

7:57 PM  

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