Saturday, January 21, 2006

remix number 2

A few more glimpses at Southland Tales, which should start coming out in may btw. Comicraft is lettering it no less!

things just zipped along this week. put final touches on BOTH Southland book 1 and the final issue of The Surrogates this week. one thing i've realized lately is when things are digital and forever editable, nothing is ever finished!!!! Southland Book 2 is moving along at a breakneck pace. it's been a few weeks since i really drew anything, and its nice to be away from the computer a bit(certainly nicer on my eyes).

I know my website is sorely lacking in the update department. that's why i'm completely overhauling it. give it a fresh coat of paint and all that.

more art soon. again.

Monday, January 09, 2006

been awhile...

With the holidays now over, everything returns to normal...sort of.

I'm wrapping up The Surrogates this week. The biggie conclusion hits in March.

Silent Ghost is no longer at Speakeasy. Its moved over to Markosia. News on that as it happens.

new Southland Tales art soon...