Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Ableton Looper followup

Embarrassingly, I've not done much with this blog for awhile. A few people brought up some interesting points that i should address...

"viktor said...
hello. i found this post by googling. i was wondering if you could answer my question. you said that to begin recording, hit the scene launch button. whenever i do this, nothing happens. at the moment that i click, the clip record button flashes into a green square. thanks!"

I made this demo with Version 5 (tells you how old it is) and it worked fine as stated. I tried it in Version 7 and it's broken just how you said. A workaround is instead of setting the midi to the scene launch, set it to the clip itself. That seems to work.

Jim said...What do you mean by: "Set the loop length up top."

To the left of the pencil tool along the top will set where in the loop it will loop. Default is at one bar, which is a good starting point.