Wednesday, October 26, 2005

well, it happened...

what was seemingly a wierd clicky noise coming from my powerbook was a warning of things to come. the hard drive siezed on tuesday night. BOOOO!!!! i've NEVER had a problem with a computer. i guess it was inevitable. it didn't make for a happy week. luckily i'd taken the warning mode to heart and backed up like crazy.

i took it as a sign to upgrade.

I've entered the world of the G5.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

flu's gone. back to work.

i was completely wiped out for a few days thanks to some virus making the rounds. now i'm back and slightly more behind than usual. i'm working through the last stages of Southland Tales book one. i've been going through tweaking alot of images to be more inline with the film. i drew a chunk of this book before filming started (and there's a good reason not to). i sort of realized this project might not work with the typical comic book assembly line. i can go back into the files at anytime and fix what needs fixing in no time. and my style's sketchy enough that changes dont really register.

oh, and THE SURROGATES #2 finally came out. go buy it. it printed amazingly.

Monday, October 10, 2005

lil comic con

i went to the biannual portland comic show over the weekend for the second time. Had a great time. Its mostly regional comic sellers getting rid of backstock, so its a great place to grab recent goodies at at least half off. as such, my reading pile has grown a bit. tasty.

the weird thing is always seeing my own work in the liquidation bins. poor unloved books, i hope you find a good home.

Friday, October 07, 2005

almost there...

Southland book one is all down on paper, now its on to tightening up the drawing and then coloring. should be done in the next few weeks. the consecutive books should take alot less time now that there's a film locked in.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

computer scare

i woke up saturday morning only to have my computer sound the death rattle, or something that sounded like it anyway. it started making horrible clicking noises so i shut it down immediately. when trying to boot it, mr powerbook did the same thing and it wouldn't boot on top of it.

i felt ill.

the computer's barely a year and half old and i had a bunch of stuff i hadn't backed up on my Lacie. i should know better. I did however grab a couple maintenance programs last year. So i threw in Techtool Pro and it fixed everything. Techtool Pro, you rule.