Saturday, August 19, 2006

issue 3 final cover

i call it "when Toshiro gets mad, people get stabbed!"

There's so much coming out over the next few weeks, you'd think i was trying to flood the market...

THE SURROGATES trade paperback

Hundreds of pages of art! Hopefully Southland will be out september 6. Its at the printer now. I'll post a definitive date when i get one. I know all 3 books were solicited at 96 pages and the first one actually is...but books 2 and 3 got progressively longer (Richard has alot of story to tell!)...

so Book 2 is 114 pages at no extra charge! bonus!!!

and book 3 is looking to be bigger than that. Richard's turned in the remaining bit of script and i'm about halfway there. I'll post a montage when i get around to it.

I'm probably not going to post a san diego recap after all. That weekend is already becoming a bit blurry.